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Futurelab Education

Before setting up my own company I was the Design Director at Futurelab – an organisation set up to explore innovative approaches to technology and learning within Education.

As well as commissioning and managing a diverse rosta of design agencies, creative freelancers, illustrators and photographers I produced many key outputs myself. Here are a selection of some favourite projects as well work that I have carried out for Futurelab since I left the organisation.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ben for more than 10 years and am constantly struck by his creativity and the quality of his execution. Ben has a rare gift of being able to interpret the most complex briefs and emerge with simple, delightful designs which set the benchmark in the field. Ben combines a relaxed style with the highest standards of professionalism, making him an exceptional creative director."

Annika Small, former CEO of Futurelab

Spark Mobile Exhibit

'Spark' is mobile exhibition that showcases new and emerging technologies that can support innovative practice in education. A suite of exhibition modules were created by customising transit cases so that they could be used to house and display a wide range of technologies whilst also allowing the exhibition to be highly portable. I designed bespoke graphic wraps to clad the module bases whilst on display and a set of supporting pop up stands, banners and literature to brand the exhibit. Illustrations were commissioned from the talented Andy Potts.

Learning Spaces Cards

This set of cards was created to help stimulate new ways of thinking around the design and use of learning spaces. To help users to envisage new scenarios I commissioned Will Barras to produce a suite of beautifully drawn illustrations.

Vision Magazine

Futurelab’s bi-annual magazine offers possible visions of the future of learning with digital technologies and other innovative resources. As part of the process of designing each issue I commissioned iconic illustrations from Andy Potts, Lee Hasler, Tom Lane, Sam Bevington, Zara Picken and Will Barras.

Explore Toolkit

This toolkit presents a seven-step plan for schools participating in Futurelab's Enquiring Schools programme with illustrations provided by Steff Plaetz.